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  • 2D welding table
    2D welding table

    2D welding table


    D28 welding table 2D standard specification

    No.sizeweight (kg)

    Technical parameters:


    3D welding table —— D28 series  

    Be made of cast iron                 

    5 precision machined working surfaces

    Hole diameter: 28mm

    Grid lines: 100mmx100mm 

    Hole pitch: 100mm   

    Material thickness: approx.23mm

    Side surfaces height: 200mm

    Be reinforced on the underneath side by ribs


    3D welding table —— D16 series 

    Be made of cast iron

    5 precision machined working surfaces

    Hole diameter: 16mm

    Grid lines: 50mmx50mm

    Hole pitch: 50mm

    Material thickness: approx.14mm

    Side surfaces height: 100mm

     Be reinforced on the underneath side by ribs

    Product features:

    A. Modularity and flexibility.

       Can be connected and changed arbitrarily according to the shape of workpiece.  

    B. High precision.

       The precision can reach decimillimetre(dmm) for fixing and clamping.

    C. Quick fixing and clamping.

       Only spending a few minutes to fix and clamp workpieces from one to another.

    D. Ease to operate.

        Only 2 hours, any worker can learn how to use it quickly.

    E. High price-performance ratio.

       1 set of modular flexible fixture can replace all traditional dedicated fixtures.

         Saved a lot of time, labor, material resources and funds for enterprises.

    F. Clean, tidy and environmental Friendly. 

         Compared with mountains of rusty dedicated fixtures, modular flexible fixtures are the optimal choice.

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