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  • Round cast iron plate
  • Round cast iron plate

    Round cast iron plate


    The Cast Iron Surface Plate is called Working Platform(working plate),Worktable.


    The gross structure of Cast Iron Surface Plate (worktables) is divide into box type and rib type.

    The shape of working surface is rectangle, square and roundness. According to the precision 

    machining, It’s divided into finish plane and scraping. 


    There are V-Slots, T-Slots,U-Slots,dovetail slots, round slots, slotted holes etc. 

    The material is HT200-300 HB210.


    There are two tempering treatment (artificial annealing (seasoning):600 to 700 degrees 

    centigrade,natural seasoning: 2-3 years) to keep the plates’ stability and abrasion resistance.

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