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  • lapping surface dressing plate
  • lapping surface dressing plate

    lapping surface dressing plate


    Materials and Processing:


    (1) The material of our surface plate/table is cast iron HT200-350


    (2) Working surface hardness is HB170-240


    (3) Low inaccuracy error and good in grinding resistance. 


    Precision: According to the national standards measurement examination regulations execution,

    respectively is 0,1,2,3, fine polish.


    Installation and adjustment

    When used surface plate ,you should first installation debugging,then you can use it . No significance work on surface plate if they aren't properly positioned .Surface plate should setup on level off, firm without shock place .please first put the pad iron down ,then put the surface plate on the pad iron ,removal the wooden case and oil . Measurement with the levelness of the surface plate ,when the surface plate isn't level ,please adjust the pad iron .( In the process of adjusting attention to safety)


    Nocie for use

    1: To the best uniform use of the flat plate throughout, to avoid local grinding concave.
    2: Keep the plate clean,  prevent be wroned by iron scrap, sand ...
    3: Put down workpieces on the plate gently, prevent the flat surface be impacted, once the plate surface hit the workpiece or other objects,repair impact and the convex part immediately.
    4: Do not do any hammer work on the surface plate .
    5: After use, should be clean it. If long time no use should not be coated with anti rust oil to prevent corrosion.

    lapping surface dressing plate

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