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The best welding tables for aluminum welding

Jul. 13 , 2018

Many welders work with various types of steel including carbon steels, low-alloy steels, and stainless steels. Within these groupings, there are many different and more specific types of steel, the most common of which is mild steel, a type of carbon steel. While mild steel contains between 0,15 and 0,35 percent carbon, stainless steel contains considerably more chromium (at least 10 percent) than any other types of steel, and it doesn’t rust or corrode.

Welding tables are vital tools in any welding environment, however big or small it may be. A good, high-tech design can minimize down time and play a vital role in achieving consistently good work.

But how do you decide which welding tables are best for the different metals to be welded?

While the most common welding tabletops are made from carbon steel, welding tables with tops made from an alloy of aluminum and copper are also available and these are much better suited to aluminum welding.

As a welding table manufacturer, we can produce 3D welding tables, 2D welding tables and eight-sqaure 3D welding table for any material.

The best welding tables for aluminum welding

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