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About Granite Surface Plate

Oct. 10 , 2018

Granite platform is also called Granite Surface Plate, also known as granite slab. The flatness test of granite platform has different concepts from the past. In pursuit of the contact points of the granite platform, the general use can focus on the flatness inspection. Since the specifications of the current workpiece and granite platform are constantly increasing, the workpiece is on the granite platform. The requirements are also changing. The number of touch points on the granite platform has a lot to do with the processing cost of the granite platform. Therefore, the savvy user has no longer deliberately requested the granite platform touch point.

The main mineral components of Granite Surface Plate For Sale are pyroxene, plagioclase, a small amount of olivine, biotite and trace magnetite, black color, precise structure, after tens of millions of years of aging, uniform texture, good stability, high strength, hardness High, able to maintain high precision under heavy load. Suitable for measurement in industrial production and laboratories.

Granite Surface Plate

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