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Advantage Of Granite Vee Block

Sep. 13 , 2018

It is made by hand refining and has the advantages of high precision, long life, acid and alkali resistance, no deformation, no rust, acid and alkali resistance, no magnetization, no change, good wear resistance and so on. It can be stable under heavy load and normal temperature. Granite Vee Block is a precision reference measuring tool made of natural stone material. It is an ideal datum for inspection of instrumentation, precision tools and mechanical parts, especially for high-precision measurement. . It is based on the high-quality rock layer in the underground. After hundreds of millions of years of natural aging, the shape is extremely stable, so you don't have to worry about deformation due to the normal temperature difference. Through strict physical tests and selected granite materials, the crystals are fine and the texture is hard. Due to the non-metallic materials of granite, there is no magnetic reaction and no plastic deformation. Its hardness is high, so the precision is good. Even if you are hit by heavy objects during use, you can drop at most a few stones. It is superior to precision measuring reference parts made of high quality cast iron and steel for high and stable accuracy. The marble V-shaped block produced by Flat Granite Block Supplier can still maintain the original accuracy after one year of storage.

Granite Vee Block

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