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Processing Methods Of Cast Iron Bed Table

Oct. 17 , 2018

The Cast Iron Bed Table can be divided into rough machining and finishing. These two machining methods are carried out on different machine tools, so that the equipment capacity can be fully utilized and the service life of precision machine tools can be extended. And it can save cost.

In order to better ensure the machining accuracy of the Cast Iron Square Master, the roughing and finishing are preferably carried out separately. This is because when the roughing is performed, the cutting amount is large, the cutting force and clamping force of the workpiece are large, the heat generation is large, and the machining surface of the machine bed casting has a relatively significant work hardening phenomenon, and the workpiece is There is also a large internal stress in the interior. If the roughing and roughing are carried out continuously, the precision of the finished part will be quickly lost due to the redistribution of stress. Therefore, for parts with high machining precision of machine bed castings, low-temperature annealing or aging treatment should be arranged to eliminate internal stress after roughing and finishing.

Cast Iron Bed Table

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