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Features Of Cast Iron Flat Plate

Jun. 07 , 2018

After the Cast Iron Flat Plate is worn, it can be re-scratched to restore its accuracy.

Cast iron flat plate can be used to test the flatness of parts, with the advantages of accurate, intuitive and convenient. After the scraped cast iron flat plate is pushed, the table seat and the workpiece are relatively smooth, no astringent feeling is felt, the measurement is convenient, and the measurement accuracy is ensured. Cast iron plate cast iron quality and heat treatment quality have a greater impact on the use of flat performance: or due to residual internal stress to make the working surface deformation; or due to wear and tear to make the accuracy can not be maintained; or due to scraping difficulties can not get a small value Roughness. Therefore, the use of cast iron slabs must pay attention to the choice of cast iron materials, and eliminate the residual stress of cast iron slabs by means of aging treatment.

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Features Of Cast Iron Flat Plate

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