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How To Avoid Damage To Cast Iron Floor Plates

Aug. 28 , 2018

Before use, use non-corrosive gasoline, wash the anti-rust oil on the working surface of the Cast Iron Floor Plates, and wipe it with absorbent cotton yarn before use. Temperature changes can cause errors in the measurement and should be used within the range of 20 ± 50C. Wipe clean after use, apply anhydrous acid anti-rust oil, cover moisture-proof paper, and store in a clean and dry place. When using, adjust the level to the level with the level to make the fulcrum evenly distributed on each fulcrum. During use, care should be taken to avoid excessive collision between the working surface of the workpiece and the flat plate to prevent damage to the working surface of the flat plate; the weight of the workpiece should not exceed the rated load of the flat plate, otherwise the work quality will be degraded and the Cast Iron Flat Plate may be damaged. The structure may even deform the plate, making it damaged and unusable.

The effect of the sand pressing effect of the cast iron plate directly affects the plane accuracy of the measuring block, so to obtain a good cast iron plate sand pressing effect, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

1. The sand pressing room, the scribing plate and the auxiliary materials should be clean;

2, the grinding speed should not be too fast, so as not to cause the cast iron plate to heat up and cause the plate to deform.

3. When the cast iron plate is pressed, the weight can be added to the plate;

4. When grinding, the cast iron plate should be turned off, and the grinding times should be equal for every two plates.

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