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Decoration Coating Method Of Cast Iron Floor Plates

Aug. 24 , 2018

1 Cast iron T slot table brushing method. Simple, flexible, and commonly used coating methods. Brush the paint onto the mold with a single stroke. It requires a suitable coating concentration. The brush should be agitated while brushing and evenly. When applying the paste, first scrape off the sand layer, then apply a paste of about 2MM, use a brush to compress the paste in one direction, and then apply a thin layer of paint. The method has low production efficiency and the coating quality is not stable.

2 Cast iron floor plates dip coating method. It is a method of coating the sand core to obtain a coating by immersing the sand core in the paint for a short time. High production efficiency, easy to obtain smooth, uniform coating, suitable for sand core coating on mechanized work.

3 Cast iron platform flow coating method. It is a coating method that uses a flow coater pump to pump the paint out of the flow nozzle and then onto the surface of the sand. The excess paint flows back to the paint and can be used continuously. The flow coating method has high production efficiency, no brush marks after coating, smooth surface, less paint waste, less environmental pollution and easy operation. The disadvantage is that the coating thickness is not easy to control, the requirements on the performance of the coating are strict, and it is more suitable for the resin sand production line.

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