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How To Check Surface Accuracy Of Cast Iron Floor Plates

Sep. 27 , 2018

1. When measuring, make the working surface of the level close to the Cast Iron Floor Plates to be tested. After the gas bubble is still, the main reading can be made.

2. The index value of the level is the inclination ratio produced by moving the gas bubble of the main level bubble by a scale, and the ratio of the height of the slope to the base of the base is expressed in terms of one meter.

3. If you need to measure the actual tilt value of length L, you can calculate it by the following formula: Actual tilt value = nominal scale value × L × deviation grid number For example: nominal division value is 0.02mm/m , L = 200mm, the number of deviations is 2 squares.

4. Then: the actual tilt value is 0.02/1000×200×2=0.008mm.

5. In order to avoid the measurement error caused by the zero position of the level, it is necessary to patrol or adjust the zero of the level before using.

Cast Iron Surface Plate use: Suitable for all kinds of inspection work, reference plane for precision measurement; for machine tool inspection and measurement benchmark, check the dimensional accuracy or shape deviation of parts, and make a tight line, in the machine It is also an indispensable basic tool in manufacturing.

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