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Using Characteristics Of Cast Iron Floor Plates

Nov. 09 , 2018

By changing the height of the three support points before the verification, the Cast Iron Bed Table is roughly adjusted to the level with a level, so that the load of the plate is evenly distributed on each of the support points. The support points added by the large flat plate need to be stable and the water surface should not be damaged.

1. The Cast Iron Floor Plates is durable, long-lasting for cutting, and still has good machinability after light sand guide. It feels smooth when researched.

2. It is easy to get the high smoothness and researchability required for the gauge block, and the workpiece mirror is bright.

3, with a simpler method can make the cast iron plate sand, and the sand is fast, the amount of sand embedded is sufficient. After use, it is still very easy to apply the same type of sand. After polishing, the finish is significantly improved. The plate from Cast Iron Surface Plate Suppliers Widely used in power equipment, textile machinery, ceramics industry, environmental protection equipment, railway locomotives, railway locomotives, railways, railway locomotives, aerospace, shipbuilding, environmental protection equipment, and other fields.

Cast Iron Floor Plates

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