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Cast Iron Surface Plate Maintenance Tips

Jun. 11 , 2018

Cast Iron Surface Plate is suitable for a variety of inspection work, precision measurement of the reference plane, used for machine tool measurement benchmarks, check the part of the dimensional accuracy or shape position deviation, and for precision scribing. It is also an indispensable basic tool in machinery manufacturing. Tell everyone about the cast iron surface plate maintenance method:

1. When lifting a cast iron plate, use four steel wire ropes of the same length to simultaneously hang four lifting holes on a cast iron plate to prevent deformation.

2, the cast iron plate support point pad, flat, ensure that each supporting point is evenly distributed, to ensure the smoothness of the entire cast iron plate.

3. When the cast iron plate is used, it is necessary to gently handle the workpiece. Do not move the relatively rough workpiece on the cast iron plate to avoid damage to the cast iron plate working face such as bumps, scratches, etc.

4. Cast iron plates should be installed in a ventilated, dry environment away from heat, corrosive gases, and corrosive liquids.

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Cast Iron Surface Plate

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