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Development Of Cast Iron Welding Table

Sep. 29 , 2018

The reform and opening up has enabled all industries to develop rapidly. The machinery industry has developed rapidly as a vanguard. The requirements for Cast Iron Welding Table are also higher and higher, and the functional requirements are more. Not only as a reference plane, but also to fix the workpiece. It is even necessary to fix large structural parts. In this context, T-slot welding platforms have emerged. T-slot square boxes and T-slot curved plates are also used as attachments in welding work. The specifications of welding platforms are also constantly expanding. To a single piece size of 4000 × 9000mm, and can be used in large-area multi-piece assembly to meet the increasing market demand

In recent years, with the vigorous development of automobile and agricultural transportation machinery, the welding platform can not meet the needs of diversification of gao effect and rapid function. The 3D Welding Tables has quietly appeared on the market, due to high efficiency, convenient use, diversified functions and rapid Recognized by the market, and even in short supply, the three-dimensional flexible welding platform has become the darling of the market.

Cast Iron Welding Table

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