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Device Of Cast Iron Flat Platform

Sep. 08 , 2018

The equipment of the Cast Iron Floor Plates is not easy to operate. There are many problems that need to be paid attention to. Only scientifically, these problems can be dealt with well, and the high-quality cast iron flat platform can be used.

And these related work has been done to best carry out the cast iron flat platform device, and there are many related work that many production equipment needs to do before the cast iron flat platform. And this is undoubtedly very beneficial for the role of the platform to play better. Please see the following introduction.

Maintenance, removal of templates, etc. Because many links have a direct impact on the installation of cast iron flat platform. Basic construction generally involves several processes: repair of foundation holes, installation of formwork, disposal of steel bars, installation of foot and slabs of the device, and in particular the level of watering.

A strict inspection of the quality of the foundation is required to ensure its quality. It is generally required to achieve a concrete strength of more than 70% before the important equipment is installed on the Cast Iron Square Master. The device is allowed to be installed. The generally small equipment base can be used to determine the relevant strength using the "steel ball impact method". When the equipment is leveled, the anchor bolts must be fixed to ensure that the concrete is designed to strength. Before the foundation of the large-scale mechanical equipment, the pressure test must be done in advance. The quality of the pre-pressure is 1.35 times of the self-weight and the maximum weight of the workpiece. The geometry of the equipment foundation shall comply with the design specifications.

Cast Iron Flat Platform

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