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How To Maintain Granite Flat Surface Plate

Aug. 04 , 2018

It costs a little to maintain granite flat surface plate, but proper maintenance will extend its life and increase its beauty. In addition to polishing, it may require stone grinding or flat grinding. This will have a high degree of finish and is very attractive. However, if it is a countertop in the kitchen, we do not recommend that you do so. After a long time, there will be some conditions on the countertop. For example, some places are getting brighter and some places are resealed, which will make the countertops look beautiful. The easiest way is to polish, then regular care, care includes proper cleaning, and use a sealant to prevent coloration.

Maintain the polished surface and pay attention to what may be placed on it everyday. Granite flat surface table are very hard to withstand high temperatures, but the polished surface is fragile, so don't cut things directly on it, it's best to pad the cutting board. Avoid soaking acidic foods such as lemon juice, vinegar and soft drinks for a long time to prevent them from corroding the countertops. Also, do not wear the rough cleaning product sample/ or abrasive cleaner (liquid or powder) to wear the gloss of the countertop. You only need to use a small amount of warm water and a balanced pH of the washing solution to avoid leaving marks after cleaning.

Maintain Granite Flat Surface Plate

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