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How to clean granite flat surface plates?

Jul. 25 , 2018

When it comes to precision measurement, one tool stands out amongst others as an essential part. The granite flat surface plates provide accurate reference for measuring and laying out working material during fabrication. The plate has an exceptionally smooth and flat surface, and it helps to get accurate readings for objects that are being worked with.

If you are wondering about the selection of granite as the composite material for the surface plate, then you should know that it is the perfect material for the plate. It does not rust like iron and is highly durable. If any damage is inflicted on the surface, then the surface layer is chipped without causing any deformity across the entire surface. This is an advantage due to the fact that the any flat surface, if placed on top of the plate, would maintain perfect contact due to the presence of the remaining portion and the measurements would not be affected in any manner.

However, the plate needs to be kept clean at all times. Since the measurements done on a surface plate have margins of thousandths, even a thin layer of dirt or debris can put off the values by a considerable margin. This does not go well with precision measurements. This is why it is absolutely important to keep the granite flat surface completely clean.

Cleaning a granite flat surface plate

There is nothing much to cleaning a granite flat plate. All you need is some tissue papers and a cleaning agent. There are many commercial cleaning agents out there but they cost around $15 (approx. Rs. 1000). If you are willing to shell out this amount for a cleaning agent, then go ahead. For those who are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can use ammonia which can be bought from a local chemist.

First, clear the plate of visible and chunky particles. With that done, pour a little ammonia on the plate while being careful to put in on the noticeable dirty areas. Use the tissue paper to wipe the surface clean. Keep the movements within the area that is dirty. When you are done cleaning, add some more ammonia and this time, make sure that you wipe across a broader area. Keep changing the tissue papers after a few wipes.

The best thing about using ammonia is that it does not leave behind any residue. When the ammonia has served its purpose, it just evaporates and leaves nothing behind. Residues can affect the measurements because the presence of the residual particles can create an uneven surface on a very fine scale.

Some Important Tips

It is always better to take good care of the granite flat plate and clean it as soon as signs of the plate getting dirty are noticed. Conduct periodic checks on the plate and be vigilant about its cleanliness. When the plate is not in use, cover it so that no dust settles on the surface. With a little precautions, it should not be difficult to keep the surface plate clean and effective.

How to clean granite flat surface plates?

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