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User's Guide Of Granite Flat Surface Table

Sep. 21 , 2018

Usually, users need to install and debug Granite Flat Surface Table before using the granite platform. Regarding the installation and debugging of granite slabs, we have already explained the previous ones. You can check the references yourself, so I will not repeat them here. After installing and debugging the granite slab, it is necessary to wipe the working surface of the granite slab and use it under the condition that there is no problem.

During the use of the Granite Flat Plate, care should be taken to avoid excessive collisions between the workpiece and the working surface of the granite slab to prevent damage to the working surface of the granite slab. At the same time, it should also be noted that the weight of the workpiece can not exceed the rated load of the granite slab, otherwise the work quality will be reduced, and the structure of the granite slab may be damaged, and even the granite slab may be deformed. Make it damaged and cannot be used.

Granite Flat Surface Table

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