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Processing Technology Of Granite Machine Base

Sep. 19 , 2018

The high-precision Granite Machine Base is machined with a diamond circular saw blade to cut the granite blocks into the required size, and then grinded through a number of processes. When drilling, the diamond core drill is used. Finally, fine grinding is carried out using a gray cast iron grinding tool and a silicon carbide abrasive. Fine grinding is done by the most skilled technicians. Product quality testing uses electronic profilometers, automatic collimators and laser measurement systems. The quality standard should reach a flatness tolerance of not more than 4μm in the range of lm × lm, and the angular precision should be within ± 0.2" radians. The sawing of granite should be paid special attention to the selection of sawing parameters with a diamond circular saw blade. Preferably, the diamond saw blade first saws the silicate brick or the like with a small sawing force to facilitate the cutting. The saw blade has a peripheral speed of 25 mm-30 m/s and a feed speed of 0.4 m. 1.Om/rain, the sawing depth is 25mm~40mm. The diameter of the diamond saw blade is 320-1250mm, the thickness of the cutter head is 3.1mm~7.0mm, and the 50/40 mesh round diamond-like synthetic diamond and copper-nickel alloy are used for bonding. The cutter head is welded to the steel saw blade base in a high frequency furnace at a temperature of 650 ° C by a silver soldering technique.

It should be noted that not all granite is suitable for making the Granite Base for Laser Engraving Machine of such a high precision measuring device. Granite with a fine-grained structure with a small linear thermal expansion coefficient should be used.

Granite Machine Base

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