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Noting When Veneer Construction Of Granite Machine Parts

Jul. 31 , 2018

Granite machine parts veneer construction should pay attention: can not use the filling process. Because the mortar (fine stone shovel) is not filled and the bonding is not effective after the seam is left, the main reason is to increase the weight. The general practice should be: when the beam bottom width is less than 300mm, it should be constructed by cement mortar paste method. The process flow is: base layer interface treatment - 1:2.5 cement mortar bottoming scraping - after final condensation 1:2.5 cement mortar leveling - after the final setting block elastic line - leveling layer on the cement slurry, sheet The reverse side wipe 1:1 cement mortar - pressure squeeze paste paste - temporary support pressure - and the granite flat plate joint should be cleaned after the residual slurry is filled with sealant. When the width of the bottom of the beam is greater than 30mm, dry hanging construction should be adopted. The process flow is as follows: the elastic line is laid out on the base layer according to the size of the plate - the embedded skeleton or the embedded part - the fixed hole of the drill plate joint - the installation, the installation sequence should first install the bottom surface of the beam, then the two sides of the hole, and then the vertical surface The installation of the surface of the lining of the lintel is started from one end. After the first installation, the cement slurry is injected into the hole and then temporarily fixed. The Φ4 galvanized steel bar is inserted into the hole of the plate from the hole of the embedded part, and then fixed with gypsum after correction.

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