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The advantages of granite measuring and control plate

Jun. 20 , 2018

Granite measuring plates are made from select granite with uniform distribution of light and dark constituents. In such granite measuring plates the minerals are evenly distributed resulting in a homogenous appearance. The following are the representative properties of our granite measuring blocks:

1. Texture : Fine.

2. Specific Gravity : 3.08 g/cm3.

3. Hardness : Scleroscope over 90.

4. Modules of Elasticity : 9.0 to 12.0 x 105kg/cm2.

5. Moisture of absorption : Nil.

Advantages of granite measuring and control plate:

1. Co-efficient of expansion of Granite is among the lowest known for natural materials.

2. Granite does not rust nor corrode or react chemically with other substances.

3. It may chip but will not develop a burr.

4. It is easy to keep clean.

The advantages of granite measuring and control plate

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