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The advantages of our granite measuring block

Jul. 17 , 2018

Granite measuring block produced by our company adopts the high quality natural granite stone by machining, manual lapping and. Black gloss, precise structure uniform texture, good stability. High strength, high hardness. They have the advantage of: no rust resistant to acid and alkali, not magnetic, the same type and good abrasion. They can remain stable under heavy load and general temperature. Granite measuring plate is a precision reference measurement tool made of natural stone materials for instrumentation, precision tools, mechanical parts of the test, is the ideal plane. Especially for the measurement of high precision, because it is unique, and the cast iron plate dwarfs. Granite rock layer based on the underground of high quality, after millions of years of natural aging. Form extremely stable, from extremely stable, don’t worry about the deformation due to the normal temperature.

The advantages of our granite measuring plate:

1.High precision reliable stability resistant to deform and guaranteed accurancy under normal ambient temperature.

2.No-rust and anticorrosion.

3.Wear resistance long service.

4.Any wording surface cutting and scratching does not bring about rough edges which might influence its measuring precision.

The advantages of our granite measuring block

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