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Service Life And Characteristics Of Granite Parallels

Aug. 21 , 2018

scratches on the working surface, bumps, and no impact on measurement accuracy. High precision, good stability and not easy to deform. The measurement accuracy can be guaranteed at normal temperature. Good wear resistance and long service life.

The granite parallels is a measurement tool manufactured by utilizing the characteristics of granite for measuring the accuracy of parts in industrial production. Granite components have high precision, good stability and are not easily deformed, which can ensure measurement accuracy. Granite components are made of stone with no rust, acid and alkali resistance, good wear resistance and long service life, no special maintenance. In the measurement, it can slide smoothly without stagnation. The working surface is measured accurately, and the general scratches do not affect the high precision granite. It is suitable for the working environment in the field, and maintains the accuracy of the product itself in a long-term and long-term manner. It can also determine the precision of processing and testing and the quality of working products in the working environment. Generally used for the measuring table of the measuring instrument, the granite member bed, the granite member has the advantages of high precision, no deformation, high strength, high hardness, etc. It can be customized according to different needs of customers.

Granite Parallels

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