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The Difference Between Granite Surface Plate And Marble Platform

May. 31 , 2018

Marble platform and Granite Surface Plate can be said to be a kind of thing, but the name is different; however, to trace the source, the material of the marble platform and the granite slab is not the same as the two materials. Here we introduce in detail:

1. Marble platform: The material is metamorphic rock, which is transformed into another stone during the mixing process of high temperature, high pressure and minerals. The marble platform is relatively more stable, strong, high in hardness, and non-deformable. It is mainly used in precision tools and inspections.

2. Granite surface plate: The material belongs to igneous rock, which is mainly formed by volcanic materials, such as magma. The liquid magma below the surface cools and solidifies, and is a kind of rock widely distributed in igneous rocks. The granite surface plate has relatively dense structure, smooth surface, abrasion resistance and small roughness value. The granite has long-term natural aging, internal stress completely disappears, the material is stable and will not be deformed, and has the same advantages as the marble platform.

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