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Application Of Granite Vee Block

Oct. 23 , 2018

Granite Vee Block use:

The Granite Vee Block is a tool for supporting cylindrical workpieces such as shafts, tubes, sleeves, etc., so that the workpiece axis line is parallel to the platform working surface for alignment and scribing.

The characteristics of the Granite V Blocks are as follows:

1. The rock has long-term natural aging, uniform structure, minimal linear expansion coefficient, complete disappearance of internal stress, no deformation, and therefore high precision.

2. Good rigidity, high hardness and strong wear resistance.

3, not afraid of acid, lye material erosion, will not rust, no oil, not easy to stick dust, maintenance, maintenance is simple and convenient, long service life.

4, no scratches, not subject to constant temperature conditions, can maintain the accuracy of temperature measurement at room temperature.

Granite Vee Block

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