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How to use splicing cast iron t slot plate

Apr. 19 , 2019

1,Generally, there are four symmetrical lifting holes in the specification of cast iron plate, which makes loading and unloading convenient. In order to prevent the deformation of the cast iron plat, four hoisting holes on the cast iron plat are simultaneously hung by four steel ropes of the same length when lifting the cast iron plat, and the cast iron plate is mounted smoothly on the conveyor.

2,When using the cast iron plate, the supporting points of the cast iron plate should be padded well and flat to ensure that each supporting point bears uniform force and the whole cast iron plate is stable, and then the cast iron plate should be adjusted to qualified accuracy by professional and technical personnel.

3,When inspecting the workpiece on the cast iron plate, the workpiece should be handled lightly, and the rougher workpiece should not be moved on the cast iron plate, so as to avoid the damage such as bumping and scratching on the working face of the cast iron plate.

4,Cast iron plat is a kind of equipment using special materials. Because of its own characteristics, the radiation heat absorbed on the surface of cast iron plate is slow, and the heat conduction is fast. It can enter the constant greenhouse quickly and cut steadily.

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