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Installation Of Cast Iron Welding Table

Aug. 30 , 2018

1. Installation of horn: The Cast Iron Welding Table is adjusted to the level and the load is evenly distributed on each fulcrum. Ambient temperature (20 ± 5) °C. Avoid vibration when using. The cast iron platform adopts the advantages of horn installation, which is quick to install and easy to move.

2, ground anchor installation: cast iron platform can be designed to install the anchor, first the user according to the drawings of the cast iron platform from Cast Iron Surface Plate Suppliers to do the foundation and pre-buried holes, and then put the ground anchor to the reserved holes set in advance, adjust the cast iron platform Level.

3. Bracket installation: The cast iron platform is lightly placed on the bracket, and the fine-tuning bolts on the bracket are adjusted to the level of the cast iron platform. The bracket can reduce the labor intensity of the inspector. The height of the bracket is generally around 500-600mm.

4, anchor bolt installation: cast iron platform according to the user's requirements to design the installation method.

Cast Iron Welding Table

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