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Instructions for use of granite platform

Mar. 28 , 2018

Instructions for use of granite platform:

1. the marble platform should be placed in the environment with small noise, less dust, no vibration, stable temperature, and dry ventilation conditions.

2. Make sure that the marble platform is at the horizontal level before use.

3. Try to keep the working surface clean or clean the surface with a clean soft cloth or a sticky alcohol cotton cloth.


4. Try to avoid fierce collision, the weight of the workpiece can not exceed the load capacity when use it.  Otherwise, may damage or reduce the precision of the equipment.


5, Put the workpiece slowly and the workpiece must be handled with care, try not to move the rough workpiece and avoid any scratch.


6, Any movement of the inspectors near the flat plate or test to the tools on the plate will affect gravity change. Put the workpieces and relevant measuring tools on the platform for 35 minutes, then it can be measured.


7. Repeated measurements of the same precision should be in the same temperature.


8. After the use of the work, the heavy workpiece should be taken down to avoid deformation of the marble platform because of the long time pressure of the workpiece. 

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