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Verification Of Granite Flat Plate

Oct. 12 , 2018

The new rock slab should be marked with the manufacturer's name (or factory label), accuracy level, specification and number. The working surface of the Granite Flat Plate should be uniform in color, and there should be no cracks, dents and loose structures, and there should be no wear marks, scratches, burns and other defects affecting the accuracy of the plate. The slab in use allows for the above defects that do not affect accuracy. The depressions or corners that appear on the rock slab face are not allowed to be repaired. The verification method uses visual observation and test.

Granite Base Plate face and side surface roughness verification requirements and methods Non-scraping cast iron slab work surface and side surface roughness should meet the requirements of the following table: non-scratch cast iron plate roughness

Granite Flat Plate

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