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Tips for building a welding table

Jul. 20 , 2018

A stout workbench or welding table is an essential part of every shop. When planning the construction of a welding table desgin such as 3D welding tables and 2D welding tables, determining what you’ll be doing on it, how much space you have in your shop, and how much money you can spend all come into play—bigger is not always better. After a lot of thought, we decided something with a max size of 4×6 feet would suit our shop.

We’ve seen a hundred benches made with 1/4-inch-thick steel tops, and they’re always dented or wavy from welding warp. When it comes to the top plate, bigger is always better. Our minimum thickness was 3/8 inch when we started hunting the scrap yards, where we found a 3×5 piece of 1/2-inch plate. We’ve come to find that the 3-foot dimension is a very comfortable working width—plenty of space to spread out, but everything is still within arm’s reach. We wouldn’t go smaller than 5 feet long, and 6 feet would have been better. But the price was right, and we’d hunted for months before finding our 1/2-inch-thick bargain.

The final dimension is height and is perhaps the most critical. If you’re not fighting back pain from hunching over, you won’t be rushing your work. If you need a welding table manufacturer to help you desgin welding tables, please feel free to contact us!

Tips for building a welding table

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