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Why Do We Select Granite Base Plate?

Jun. 04 , 2018

Building a solid foundation for machines can be a daunting task. The foundation has to be strong, rigid, absorb vibrations, and be automatically true. This is a lot to ask.An metal framework would satisfy strength, stiffness and mechanical accuracy, but would perform quite badly in absorbing vibrations. This is the area where epoxy granite takes as a good machine foundation material.

For my designs, I use a aluminum frame to supply the stiff skeleton, as well as the epoxy granite to provide the shape and vibration damping properties. Best of both worlds, Higher stiffness, and incredible vibration damping: On the other hand, the epoxy granite substance fills in all the remaining portion of the space, supplying the vibration damping, and also looking fairly good.

The aluminum benchmark surfaces are all combined by an internal aluminum skeleton framework. The epoxy granite is then poured across the aluminum skeleton to form the complete machine base.

We are Granite Surface Plate Suppliers, if you have interest in our Granite Base Plate, welcome to contact me.

Granite Base Plate

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